About Us

John A Ramirez

Woodlands Portfolio Management – Financial Advisor

John Ramirez is the founder of Woodlands Portfolio Management and has over 19 years of investment experience. His experience includes portfolio management, securities markets, debt securities, equities, options and alternative investments. John holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Houston.

John believes in adhering to a disciplined investment strategy based on conservative principles. By moving beyond traditional advisory models, and focusing on effectively managing risk, long-term results can be achieved. In a volatile market he employs an “absolute return” approach to investing that gives priority to capital preservation.

John is responsible for portfolio management, financial analysis, research, and business development. He works to implement broad, multi-asset class investment opportunities for clients. This process is carried out through a series of meetings and discussions where he gains a thorough understanding of a client’s personal financial situation. His custom wealth management program incorporates strategies that address all facets of personal finance. It begins with a comprehensive portfolio review and detailed recommendations. It also encompasses cash flow, tax and estate planning, employee benefits, alternative Investment strategies, life insurance and education planning.

Conservation of principal, a disciplined approach and living on less than you make and carrying little or no debt is the only way to build wealth. There is no magic “black box” to build wealth – just time, hard work and sacrifice.