401(k) Rollover to IRA

Woodlands Portfolio Management  makes rolling over an old retirement savings plan from a former employer easy for you.


Account features

May be
appropriate for
Individuals who have changed jobs or retired and have left savings in a former employer’s workplace savings plan (i.e., 401(k), 403(b), governmental 457(b))1
Advantages over a
workplace plan
Freedom from restrictions that may be present in your workplace savings planThe ability to withdraw penalty-free for a first-time home purchase or qualified education expenses

Access to a wide range of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and FDIC-insured CDs

Tax benefits A Rollover IRA is a type of Traditional IRA with the same tax benefits—potential tax-deferred growth of savings.
Withdrawals 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply for withdrawals taken prior to age 59½ if no exceptions apply.Minimum required distributions starting at age 70½
Support and guidance One-on-one guidance—in person, online, or over the phoneResearch and tools to help you create a long-term plan and choose investments


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